Marine Cargo Insurance Claims

How to lodge a claim

  • Immediate intimation to the insurance company or survey agents mentioned in the insurance policy / certificate
  • Do not give a clean receipt when goods are received in unsound condition
  • Give a notice in writing to the carrier or other bailees within three days, if loss or damage was not apparent at the time of accepting delivery
  • Call for joint survey by carrier and / or other bailees representatives
  • Take photographs of the consignment including damaged goods or packing
  • Segregate sound goods from the damaged goods to prevent further aggravation of damage
  • In case of road transport, obtain original certificate of facts from the carrier
  • Cooperate with the surveyors in providing required documents and information on salvage process etc.
  • Act as prudent uninsured

  The above is a brief summary of the claims process and documentation, and not to be taken as exhaustive. The surveyor/Insurer/TPA may call for additional requirements on case to case basis.