Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance Claims

How to lodge a claim

  • Take immediate measures to extinguish fire and minimise loss
  • Call for fire brigade assistance and lodge an FIR with the nearest police station
  • Intimate the broker/insurer about the fire, and provide policy numbers and description of the property affected, and other details such as date and time of fire, location, estimated amount of loss, contact person details
  • Retain the salvage till a surveyor inspects the loss, and act as per his advice

List of documents to be submitted in case of a claim

  • Duly completed claim form
  • Detailed note on incidence of fire
  • Take photos/videos of the fire fighting/loss minimisation measures
  • Certified copy of FIR, police panchnama
  • Fire brigade report and their bill and receipt
  • Newspaper cuttings, if a report appeared in the news paper
  • Weather report, if loss is due to flooding/inundation
  • Details of stock or plant and machinery or electrical installations and other properties
  • Detailed statement of damages with their respective valuations as per policy conditions
  • Details of salvage materials
  • Estimate for repairs or replacements
  • Purchase and sales register copies or details
  • Audited Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss Account, Trading Account for the last three years
  • Provisional Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss Account, Trading Account for the current year upto date of fire or loss
  • IT & VAT Returns for preceding year, PAN card copy, and AAT Regn copy
  • In case of Agreed Bank Clause, monthly stock statement to be submitted to the bankers for the financial year

  The above is a brief summary of the claims process and documentation, and not to be taken as exhaustive. The surveyor/Insurer/TPA may call for additional requirements on case to case basis.