Vehicle Insurance Claims

There are mainly three types of vehicle claims: Accident claims, Theft claims and Third party claims.

Cashless Claim

In case of damage to the vehicle

  • Take the vehicle to the Cashless garage for repairs as far as possible. They will register the claim.
  • Surveyor deputed by the insurance company will inspect the vehicle at the garage. The garage will give estimate of repairs to the surveyor. The claim form duly completed with Driving Licence, R.C. book, policy copy and any other documents called for by the surveyor will have to be shown to him. If the insured has to bear any amount which is not admissible, the same will have to be paid by him to the workshop. The surveyor will give approval after assessment. The garage will start the repair of the vehicle.
  • After completion of repair vehicle will be handed over to the insured.

Reimbursement Claim

If the vehicle is to be repaired in a garage outside the purview of the network, then you can claim reimbursement for the same. Here the claim is to be intimated to the insurance company in writing or through toll free number. Claim form duly filled along with estimate for repairs have to be submitted to them for appointment of surveyor. Documents will be common for both cashless and reimbursement claim.

For Accident Claims

  • In case of damage to the insured vehicle is due to accident, the vehicle registration number and the contact details of the third party/driver involved in the accident should be noted.
  • Name of the witness and contact details should be noted
  • Contact the toll free number OR mail to the insurance company giving full details of the accident and get the claim number.
  • Submit claim documents to the insurance company like Duly signed claim form, RC copy of the vehicle, Driving licence copy, Policy copy, Original Estimate, FIR (case to case),Original repair invoice and Payment receipt (In case of cashless garage, the garage will follow the procedure)

For Theft Claims

  • Register an FIR and then Immediately contact the toll free number or intimate the same in writing to the insurance company giving full details of the theft and get the claim number.
  • In addition to the above mentioned documents required for accident claims, additional documents like RTO transfer papers duly signed along with Form 28, 29, 30 & 35 (if hypothecated), Final report from the police( if the vehicle is untraceable), RTO letter is required.

For Third party Claims

  • Immediately contact the toll free number of the insurance company giving full details of the accident and get the claim number. Lodge an FIR with the Police. All notices/summons received should be handed over the insurance company for defence.

  The above is a brief summary of the claims process and documentation, and not to be taken as exhaustive. The surveyor/Insurer/TPA may call for additional requirements on case to case basis.