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Assets & Property Insurance

Property insurance protects your business’s physical assets from loss or damage. Physical assets could be your office building, its contents such as fixtures, furniture and machinery.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance protects individuals and business from legal liabilities arising from malpractice, injury or negligence, while rendering a service.

Employee’s Welfare

Employee’s Welfare refers to health and personal accident insurance plans for members of a group, which could be a society, an association, an institution, or a corporate body. The coverage can also be extended to the family of each member.

Business Interruption

Business interruption covers the cost of restoring operations of an organisation after an accident or mishap that caused physical or material damage to property.

Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance mitigates risks associated with construction and installation projects. Based on the plan you opt for, it can provide protection against damage to machinery, equipment, and electronic items.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects companies that sell their goods or services or both on credit. The policy covers loss due to commercial risks and political risks.

Miscellaneous Insurance

We offer a variety of solutions for other business needs, such as Burglary Insurance, Money in Transit Insurance, and Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.

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