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Health Insurance

Health insurance equips individuals and their families against unforeseen medical emergencies, such as an accident, a sudden illness, or surgery. Health insurance policies cover pre and post-hospitalisation, treatment and medication costs, enabling you to focus on more important matters such as ensuring timely treatment and a quick recovery.

Home Insurance

Home insurance falls under the broader category of property insurance. A home insurance policy protects your home against damage caused by fire, burglary, break-in, or natural or man-made disasters. Some policies also cover cash or other valuables in your home. Get in touch with us to see which home insurance policy best suits your needs.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance covers damages to your vehicle, be it a motorcycle, car, or commercial vehicle. You can either opt for a liability only policy, mandatory for all vehicle owners to cover damages caused to another vehicle and its owner, or a comprehensive policy that insures your vehicle and you.

Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident policy can be bought for an individual or family. It can offer crucial financial support to your family or dependents in times of crisis, as it compensates for death, and accidents and injuries that lead to partial or complete disablement. It also covers hospitalisation charges. In some cases, legal and funeral expenses are also covered.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, also called overseas medical or visitor insurance, protects you against any unforeseen medical and non-medical emergencies while in transit, such as trip cancellation, delay in flight, loss or theft of baggage or other important documents. The coverage can be for travel by road, rail or air.

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