Health Insurance

A medical emergency can drain a person both financially and emotionally. A health insurance policy can ensure reimbursement of expenses or cashless treatment when you or your dear ones fall ill. It covers pre- and post-hospitalisation costs.

An insured should be hospitalised for a minimum 24 hours to avail Mediclaim benefit. This time limit will not applicable for Day care procedures that requires less than 24 hours hospitalisation as per policy conditions.

Why Health Insurance

  • Tax benefit under section 80D of the IT act
  • Cover offered by your employer may be insufficient
  • Medical treatment costs can drain your finances
  • Cashless hospitalisation

Types of Policies

  • Individual health insurance
  • Family floater health insurance
  • Senior citizen health insurance
  • Top up health insurance

Major Exclusions

Any medical expenses incurred for or arising out of the following is not covered:

  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Diseases or injuries incurred during first 30 days from the time the insurance is effective, except in case of accidental injury.

 Please refer to the policy document for complete scope of cover and list of exclusions and other terms and conditions under the policy.

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Some Dos and Don’ts

A person buying a health insurance should follow the certain dos and don’ts.


  • Read the policy wordings, brochures and exclusions carefully
  • Note carefully the waiting period for any Pre-existing disease/illness and or certain specified diseases/illness (wherever applicable)
  • 30 days waiting period.(excluding accidental claims)
  • Co-payment (if any)
  • Restrictions or limits on various expenses relating to hospitalisation
  • Disclose details of all the pre-existing health conditions (if any)
  • Medical tests if asked for should comply with the requirements of the insurer
  • Take care to fill the proposal form correctly
  • Pay the premium on time
  • Renew the policy on time
  • In case of any claims follow the claims procedure correctly.


  • Should not hide any material facts pertaining to your personal data and information.

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